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Carers and Tots


Carers and Tots


Welcome to our Carers and Tots group.


We would be delighted if you could join us. It is great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.


We meet on Tuesdays between 10.30 am and noon during school terms.

We do not meet when the schools are closed, this includes emergency school closures.


There are plenty of toys scattered around the hall. Most Tuesdays Mathilde leads the craft activities such as painting, play dough, colouring and sometimes other activities.


We serve the children a snack of toast, cheese or fruit at 11.00 am with juice. When they have finished eating the tables are cleared and are set up with puzzles, etc.; the adults then have tea, coffee and scones.


From 11.45 am we all get together to sing well known nursery rhymes with plenty of actions.

We are accompanied by a selection of musical instruments played by the children.


Just a few points to note:


1.  Every parent/carer is responsible for the safety of their child.
2.  Your voluntary contribution helps pay for the heating of the hall,
     provision of toys and the purchase of refreshments.
3.  We find when everyone joins in the singing the session works really well.
4.  Please return your mugs to the hatch.
5.  If the schools are closed we are closed.









Thank you for helping us to tidy up at the end of the morning.


We really hope you enjoy your time with us on Tuesdays.


Carers and Tots Team



For further information please contact: enquiries@newtownbreda.org