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Mission & Vision

Our symbol is a representation of our church ethos.
At the simplest level the two figures will signal ‘welcome’: an artistic statement of our readiness to welcome others as a congregation. This symbol is presented on the side of our new church hall complex and can be seen while driving along the Ormeau Road.


A more thoughtful look at the image should reveal the heart of the Gospel. In the larger figure, is God’s grace in Christ come down and reaching for us in the open armed embrace of Jesus, emptied of everything save his yearning love for us. Then in the smaller figure, turned towards the larger, we see ourselves, turned in repentance towards Jesus and reaching for him. We hold nothing, but reach for reconciliation and relationship restored in him. In that risking act of reaching towards the other, we declare also our mission in the community: a mission to embrace the other in the love of Christ.


While the symbol is appealing it challenges us as a congregation to explore our own experience of Christ and to live its challenge in our relationship with our neighbours.


We are extremely grateful to Nora Gaston, the artist who was commissioned to design this symbol.


Newtownbreda Symbol